Monday, October 31, 2011

Novemberous Full of Schedule !

Hi Peeps ,
Sorry dah lama tak update blog !
Busy.Yalah, UPSR kan dah habis. Banyak buat concert sebab tu tak sempat nak update blog nih. Just Kidding !

Back to the topic,
November memang betul-betul busy.
Birthday lah ,  Dinner lah , Pendaftaran  n other else. Memang I betul-betul busy as you can see my schedule below.

1st November

  • Sambut Birthday Izzul
  • Pendaftaran Sekolah Menengah
  • Dinner for Year 6
6th November
  • Sambut Birthday Ayah
  • Raya Haji ( As always Balik kampung , Potong leher lembu ! )
Middle of November
  • Dapat keputusan UPSR  ( Ohmygosh ! Takutnya  )
18th November
  • Cuti Sekolah ( Huh , sedihnya )
22nd November
  • Sambut Birthday Adik ( Irdyna Umaira )
28th November
  • Sambut Birthday Mama pulak
Busy tak? Busy tak ? Busy kan ?As you can see banyak birthday kan ? Huh , Special Family :D That oll's for today.


Sincerely ,

Izzul Najmi.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Hi..My name is Muhammad Izzul Najmi. Just call me Izzul. I'm new not too new here coz I create this Blog , maybe 5 or 6 month ago.. I 'renew' it. hehe :D

So , Hello world !

Today ,
I will introduce myself to you oll's !!

My name Muhammad Izzul Najmi .
I'm twelve .
Malaysian .
Muslim .

Actually , I'm gonna speak in two language in my Blog , that is Malay and English combine. Mwehehe :D

I think that is for today . Maybe , I'm not too active here , But , I am so active in Facebook . ADD ME ! . Thank You . Oh Sorry , I'm almost forgot. Thanks to my VERY KIND-HEARTED friends , Nornazihah Zuhairi n Nur Izni Husna Ismail for editing my blog . THANK YOU SO MUCH EVEN YOUR EDITED ARE ALMOST ALL DELETED , BUT I REALLY APPRECIATE IT .Thank you again.

Sincerely ,

Izzul Najmi.